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Create your tickets and optional products, set up your ticket shops to your preference and start selling right away.

Eventix Dashboard

Easy-to-use Dashboard

The Eventix Dashboard gives you access to loads of useful features in a user-friendly interface. At the same time, the Dashboard provides you with a central hub from which you can maintain a real-time overview of all your events and ticket sales.

Eventix multiple shops

Create more than one ticket shop

Our ticket shops are easy to make and versatile. You could have multiple shops for the same event with different products to appeal to diverse audiences... or you could have one basic shop with all your tickets in one place.

Eventix App

Insight App

The Eventix Insight App can help you stay up-to-date about your ticket sales even when you’re on the go. You can track all your events, or you can narrow it down to just one or two. The Eventix Insight App is available in the Google Play Store or App Store.

Branded ticket shops

Ticket image

You can personalise the look of your tickets by uploading a custom ticket image. Why keep it simple when you can show some style?

Your ticket shop on your website

You can embed your ticket shop on your website, and with the freedom to pick the colours that perfectly match your branding, you can make it look right at home.


Your ticket shop will shape itself to fit any screen on any device your ticket buyers are using.

Dekstop and phone shop

Sell tickets and more

You can offer your guests additional products, such as tokens, shuttle passes, and merchandise. Additional products help generate more revenue, even before the event has started.

Sell Product Eventix

Any country and payment method

To make it easy for your ticket buyers, your ticket shop will identify their browser language and change to match it. Your ticket buyers also have access to all the most common payment methods, so they can always pay in their preferred way.

Payment world wide Eventix

Promote and analyse your events

Know your visitors

Each time you sell a ticket, you learn a little bit more about your visitors. We provide you with the tools you need to identify your target audience and find out how it changes from event to event.

Shareable Dashboard

Sometimes you want to share specific information about your event’s demographics with a partner, such as a venue owner or an artist. To do this, you can create shareable dashboards that provide your partners with insights without giving them full access to your account.

Eventix Dashboard

An innovative ticketing platform


If you’re selling tickets for a seated event, you can create a seating plan and assign each sold ticket to a seat. These seating plans work at any scale, whether it’s a small concert, theatre, or arena.

Starting numbers

If you’re organising a sporting event and need numbers assigned to your competitors, you can automatically assign each one a number when they purchase a ticket.

Seasonal ticketing

If you’re looking to sell seasonal tickets, whether it’s sports, music or workshops; you can easily provide your visitors access to an entire season worth of activities.

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Promote and sell your tickets online.

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Quick and easy ticket scanning

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API integrations

Integrate with third parties

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