Quick and easy ticket scanning

The Eventix ticket scanner app is user-friendly, quick and turns every phone or tablet into the fastest scanner around!

Every device is a scanner Eventix

Every device is a ticket scanner

Turn any phone or tablet into a scanner! Download the ‘Eventix ticket scanner’ App from the Google Play Store or App Store and turn any device into a functional ticket scanner for your events.

Quick ticket scanning

Lightning-fast ticket scanning

Ticket scanning should be lightning-fast and easy. If you prefer, you could use some of our dedicated ticket scanners, which will get your visitors through your gates in no-time.

Online and offline

With or without an internet connection, the ticket scanner app will be able to continue doing its job. Once the ticket scanner app (re)connects, it will automatically synchronise with the Dashboard.

online and offline

Real-time insights

The Eventix ticket scanner App will give you a real-time overview of how many tickets your team has scanned. This overview allows you to stay on top of how many guests have arrived and how many you can still expect.

Realtime eventix data insight

Guest management made easy

Creating guest lists

You can invite guests to your event individually, or you can invite large groups of guests in one go by importing a list of their names and email addresses.


No one wants to cancel an event, but if you have to, we’ll help you refund your ticket buyers.

Versatile ticket scanning

You can create various scanner pre-sets which each recognise certain types of tickets. This feature is particularly useful if your event spans multiple days or has additional entrances for VIPs, media or even different camping grounds.

guest management
Eventix door managers

Door management

Even though our ticket scanner app can be used to turn any phone or tablet into a scanner, you may want an experienced door manager at your event. Our door managers can ensure that everything runs smoothly at your entrance.

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