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Live stream events online with Eventix. Our ticketing platform for events allows you to easily connect with our favourite streaming platforms.

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Easy payment and registration for your online events

When hosting an online event, you create an event, tickets and a ticket shop in our Dashboard. By embedding the ticket shop on your website or linking your online marketing to the ticket shop, your visitors can purchase tickets that grant them access to the event.

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A secured online portal

To ensure that only ticket buyers gain entry to your online event, the streaming platforms we work with each use a so-called paywall. Depending on the streaming service, visitors will either need to enter their ticket code, open their unique link or log in to their account to access the live stream. These portals keep your online event exclusive and secure.

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Watch on one or more smart devices

Each ticket purchased by a ticket buyer grants one device access to the online event. Multiple visitors can view on a single device. However, if a visitor would like access to the live stream on multiple devices, they’ll need an individual ticket for each device.

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Sell optional products in your ticket shop

If you want to give your visitors a chance to support you and raise a little bit of extra money for your event, you could start putting optional products in your ticket shop. Selling merchandise is always a good place to start, but optional products can be pretty much anything!

Our platforms


Thanks to its simplicity and ease of use, Zoom is one of the world’s most popular streaming platforms. Sell your tickets in our ticket shop and use Zapier to give your visitors quick access to your live stream. Zapier ensures that everything between Eventix and Zoom is automated. If you want to learn how to organise an online event with Eventix in Zoom, we’ll be happy to show you how.

Crew On Tour

From workshops and webinars to game shows and living room concerts, a real-time link with Crew on Tour makes it easy to stream your online event. Crew on Tour connects a live stream to your website, and our tickets give your visitors access to your online event.


VIXY's live video platform lets you stream webinars, webcasts and live event productions in multiple countries at the same time. VIXY controls the live stream, and our unique access codes give your visitors quick access to your online event.

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